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WT32-SC01 is a development board for 3.5-inch visual color touch screen based on ESP32-WROVER-B module with a 2-point capacitive touchscreen designed to be integrated into your own project or product.


The board card is equipped with 8MS GUI platform(based on LVGL) independently developed. It is an embedded software development system supporting cross-platform. Developers can use visual drag and build blocks by mouse.


WT32-SC01 Parameter:
Display: 3.5-inch LCD screen
Resolution: 320*480
SOC: ESP32-WROVER-B module
CPU: Dual-core Xtensa® 32-bit LX6 MCU
Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi 802.11b /g/n protocol
Bluetooth: Comply with V4.2BR /EDR and low power Bluetooth standards
Expansion – 2x 40-pin I/O pads with GPIO, I2C, VN/VP, I2S, UART, 5V, 3.3V, GND
Size: 91 mmx58mm

Brief Introduction:
1.WT32-SC01 PLUS is a development board for visual touch screen, the board is equipped with GUI platform firmware developed independently, support graphic drag and drop programming to help users complete the development of customized control platform.
2. The main controller of WT32-SC01 PlUS development board adopts WT32-S3-WROVER-N16R2 module, this module is a general-purpose WiFi + BT + BLE MCU module, 16MB SPI flash and 2MB PSRAM are configured in.
3. WT32-SC01 PLUS development board can also develop and debug functions such as buttons, voice and camera through the expansion interfaces on both sides, greatly shorten the development cycle of users.

Size: 3.5inch
Display Type: IPS
Display interface:MCU
Platform solution: ESP32-S3

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